Thursday, December 22, 2011

Email from a friend

"As I was mindlessly going through the TV channels the other day -- as I am wont to do -- I happened upon one of those community cable productions of someone with a shaky camera and next to no audio quality who recorded a church service. The preacher, amen, was preachin', amen, that when he and two of the elders were out the day before, they could feel it startin' to rain, amen, and the roof of the car was up, amen, and he said he rebuked, he said he REBUKED, amen, he REBUKED the rain to stop in the name of Jesus, amen, hallelujah, cuz he had the roof of the car up and he had the brothers with him, amen, and he REBUKED!!! the rain to stop, amen, in the name of Jesus, amen, and they didn't feel another drop of rain the whole rest of the day. Amen! Hallelujah."

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