Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Contemporary landscape painter Richard Lindenberg

Winter Aspens, Lake Tahoe



British painter Frederic Lord Leighton 1830-1896

Flaming June

Leighton was a Pre-Raphaelite painter.
These people are perfect strangers, 
and yet I wonder about them.

Old barn doors in winter

Roger Crowley
Montpelier. Vermont

Osborne House, Isle of Wight, England

Built by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as a summer home, Osborne House was constructed between 1845-1851 in the Italian Renaissance style. The Queen died here in 1901. Today it is maintained by English Heritage and is open to the public.


Monday, January 30, 2012

In the News

A homeless man in Albuquerque NM was stranded waist deep in mud for three days before students on a field trip heard his cries for help and called authorities. Police later discovered the man was wanted for a felony and arrested him.

A toaster that was bought in 1953 has been named the oldest working toaster in England.

A 41-year-old public employee in Cicero IL, wearing a City of Cicero embroidered jacket, twice used a city car to steal $300 of beer from a local grocery during his lunch break. He is the mayor's nephew.

A 6-year-old elementary student in Meriden CT told his teacher at snack-time that he wanted to share. He surprised the teacher when he pulled out nine bags of marijuana from his pants pocket.

T-shirts that say "Get Back on Board, Damn It" have become a fashion hit in Italy. Spoken by the Coast Guard officer who ordered the captain of the capsized Costa Concordia to return to his ship, the command is now the new slogan for Italy's economic austerity program.

Saving the best for last:
A jail inmate in Syracuse NY is in trouble for trying to fraud the IRS out of nearly $9 million in tax refunds between 2006 and 2010. The man was serving a 4-year sentence for receiving stolen property, but now faces 11 counts of filing false IRS claims, and one count of helping another inmate file one. The penalty could be five years' imprisonment and a $250,000 fine for each count against him.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hudson Valley painter Jamie Williams Grossman

Long Winter Shadows

"I was out walking my dog through the snow-covered meadow when I spotted these long shadows leading toward the house. Fortunately, I rarely go out without my camera! Long shadows in the middle of the day are one of the benefits of winter. Although I’ve used many compositional elements to lead into my paintings, I don’t think I’ve ever used winter shadows like this. Now that I’ve given it a try, I want to do more!"

"Jamie Williams Grossman is a Signature Member of New York Plein Air Painters (NYPAP). She serves on the NYPAP Advisory Board and also as the head of their Lower Hudson Valley Chapter. Jamie has taught oil and acrylic painting at Putnam Arts Council, and has served as a member of their Gallery Committee. Her paintings have been featured in USA Weekend, The Journal News, Plein Air Magazine, Putnam County News and Recorder, the Catskill Region Guide, Poughkeepsie Journal, and Bedford Record Review."


Ringo picks on George

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

German Romantic landscape painter Caspar David Friedrich 1774-1840

The Abbey in the Oakwood

Dream about a little girl

I dreamed last night that I went out to adopt a doggie and came home with an 8-year-old girl. I thought she was a dog until I realized I had to take care of her and raise her, so I adopted her. We lived in a two bedroom apartment, and people kept cutting through our apartment doors to get to the other side of the building. I picked out a school for the little girl, and we even combed the neighborhood for fast food restaurants. I was glad I got her.