Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Little Art Theatre, Yellow Springs, Ohio

The theatre is going from celluloid to digital.

When I lived near Yellow Springs in the 1970s, the Little Art Theatre served tea and cookies in its small lobby, and donations were left in an unattended, handwoven basket. The theatre was packed with colorful people and there was always great chatter. My gang rarely knew what movie was showing, or what it was about (we didn't plan ahead, we just showed up), and we saw some pretty avant garde stuff. One of most interesting films I ever saw there was Eraserhead. It's indescribable, unforgettable — and it's not for everyone — but I was able to see it because of a small art film house in central Ohio. Many of these powerful  films provoked thought and helped structure my world view. The Little Art Theatre was integral to Yellow Springs and Antioch, and brought international culture to the area. I don't know if they still serve tea and cookies there, but I am sure it functions the same as it did back then. Great art films continue to be made, and minds are challenged, and free thought never goes out of style. Count The Little Art Theatre among your favorite things and donate today.

To donate, or for more information about renovations and improvements, go here: