Friday, July 15, 2011

The fascinating pistachio nut

Pistachios originated in Western Asia, Iran and Syria, and is one of two nuts mentioned in the Bible. In the United States they are grown mainly in California, and Americans eat 80,000 tons of them each year, second only to China. A pistachio tree grows 30 feet tall and it takes about 10 years for a tree to produce fruit, and it peaks at around 20 years. The iconic shells crack open on the tree and it makes an audible sound. There are many foods made with pistachio nuts, including baklava and biscotti.


dpv said...

Isn’t there an Italian ice cream flavor with pistachio nuts in it? What’s the name of it? I can’t remember.

Teresa said...

I thought it was just pistachio ice cream. I can't find it in a Google search.

dpv said...

Maybe when I was a kid I didn’t know “pistachio” was the name of the nut and thought it referred to a kind of ice cream.