Saturday, April 9, 2011

In the news

Fifteen students from a Massachusetts prep school broke a world record by folding a 13,000-foot roll of toilet paper in half 13 times. They used an 800-foot corridor at MIT to accomplish the feat.

A naked man in Florida used an AK-47 rifle to disable a SWAT robot after he threatened suicide and refused to come out of his house. The man was apprehended, and the robot was sent to the manufacturer for repairs.

A New Mexico man drove a "sick friend" to the emergency room at a local hospital, but instead the staff found a decomposing body in the passenger seat. His friend had been dead for 48 hours.

A Virginia man was grossed out when a boa constrictor slithered out of a chair recently given to him by a friend. Police estimate the snake was huddled in the coils. It was returned to its owner unharmed.

A Cincinnati man was arrested for barking at a police dog. Police were investigating a disturbance at a bar when an intoxicated patron stepped outside and spotted the dog in the back of the cruiser. He began barking and "hissing" at it and caused it to become agitated. He was charged with teasing a police dog.

A Kansas woman was charged with assaulting a TSA officer at a Philadelphia airport when she cracked a plastic, confetti-filled egg across the agent's head. The former DJ and traveling clown, known as "The Bunny Lady," was asked about the eggs at the airport, so she gave them a demonstration. She was held for 3 hours and released into police custody.

Finally, a Cincinnati police officer on bike patrol was sent flying through a plate-glass window when he was startled by an aggressive goose. Experts say the goose was protecting its nest.

That's all for now — stay safe out there!

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